Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system often cause pain, swelling and limited motion. Manual treatments of the body can be strongly supported and supplemented with elastic tape applications.

The therapy is based upon elastic, self-adhesive tapes made of cotton, which are applied with a certain tension, depending on the intended purpose. The effect of the applied flexible cotton tapes is based, amongst other things, on pressure relief in the treated area, the reduction of muscle tone, the influence on depth sensitivity and the sensation of pain, the stimulation of lymph flow and thus decongestion, the stimulation of circulation and the promotion of changes in metabolism. Overall kinesthetic sensation is improved.

Application is indication dependent, which determines tape placement. Accordingly, the correct pre-positioning of the musculoskeletal system is extremely important. Compression and traction can be individually adjusted through appropriate points of attachment.

In addition to muscle and joint taping there are other forms of application:

Neuro-Taping: Through the targeting of neural pathways load reduction and mobilization is effectuated.

Lymph-Taping: This form of therapy is employed when treating lymphatic function disorders through the application of tape strips, establishing enhanced lymphatic drainage along tape meridians. This form of treatment is effective for 24 hours a day.

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Prisca Pfaendler was born and raised in Switzerland. In 2000, medical problems began to dominate her daily life, career and personal life. Unfortunately, doctors were not able to adequately remedy my medical conditions.

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